Can Work Like A Real Iron Man

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Hello friends….

Have you ever heard about  Jarvis?

If no then let me have some knowledge ………………….

We are very familiar with the Jarvis of iron man but have you ever think it can become a reality. The owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg’s had created a new assistant called Jarvis. It is like cirri but actually much more.

First question arises is is it an iron suit?

So my answer is no its not. It is just a bot we can talk like human and can give answers but there are full possibilities of that to know more. Jarvis can do all that type of functions which are inbuilt in program do. We play a lot of games which are used to talk with us on screen Jarvis is like that one of the software. It is the digital life assistant which can be free downloaded we can put many commands. We can drive it through voice and capable to hold household devices. Jarvis is very stylish and energetic too. It doesn’t include humor. It can also react to your text, through separate messenger bot. But it will not correct you as a dictionary whatever we have text. This technology is still working a lot and by putting inputs in it we can remember those points also which we forgot so it helps us in remembering our points too.

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