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This Little Girl Can Then Why Can’t We

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Today You all will read story of that girl who is fighting with her disease but not through crying but making some passion towards singing and dancing to remove her disease.

Yes that girl is Audrey Nethery from Kentucky who has (DBM)  Diamond-Blackfan Anemia rare bone  narrow disease . She is only 8 years old girl. She is started going viral on youtube and instagram when she was 7 years old. She was born on October 20,2008.

She has described her dream birthday party. She wants to celebrate in Disney land towards the interview she has said all those things that she wants princess theme in her birthday  She has earned more than 170,000 subscribers on her fathers channel which is eponymous. She dances as the cutest girl ever. She dances with the Selena Gomez and that video goes viral on instagram.  She love dancing as she dance with her father also. There is one video of her on YouTube as she is selling DBA Photo Booth Shirts. Audrey “sing it with love”. One more video of her which has gone viral as her dream trip to New York City. Audrey visited there and danced with the Rockettes  in New York.

There is facebook page also by her name Audrey’s DMA Photo Booth. There are  1,412,496  who have like that that page and  1,399,768 people who are following and her followers and likers are increasing day by day on that page. Even though she updates her video on YouTube playing with her toy (Audrey playing school with Leo) and many more. So this girl is  inspirational for those person who say that “I am fed up with my life”. Those person having live example to learn lesson how to make life interesting in every situation…

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