Love And Attraction

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True Love And Attraction:

Who does know that “Really I am in Love”. This question arises when you change your status from single to committed especially in teenage life of 18 relationship are quite interesting for everyone. Everyone has craze to make lover someone propose by saying that you are beautiful (attraction not love).  But they exactly don’t know that are they in love or attraction with the person they are dreaming to marriage in future. Doing study together and understanding each other very well doesn’t make you fall in love but yes u get habitual for that person and then somewhere u starts love him . Maybe sometime it is an attraction which we face and after months we realize this thing that our feeling was just attraction. But living from many years together and caring, taking stand for that person is love. After  completing 5 or 6 months of relation people start intimating with each other as because they are just attracted to that person. Time is very important thing to give to your relation. As soon as your relation grows it completes year your feeling also develops for your partner and you think to spend quality time together. Real love is not to fall but to create it. Partner should not desire from other what they can do for you just think what you can do for them. Beauty just attract but loving the person whose heart and nature you find good it is love (respect).

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